Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Routine inquiries: what goes into a writing 'process'?

A very timely blog on the Guardian today made me laugh and added to my sense that a writing routine, especially for a short story writer, doesn't really work. Now this is a great idea:
The best thing I discovered was the fake commute, recommended by a (non-famous) writer friend: aping one of his own heroes, he gets up every morning, gets dressed, walks around the block several times, and goes home to work. I have adapted this practice by riding my bicycle in a circuitous route through rush-hour traffic, which makes me feel much more serious when I return to write at the table where I've just had breakfast.
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Lauri said...

That really made me laugh!. Unfortunately I'm one of those 'not artistic' writers who is a terrible creature of habit. Get me off my track and I write nothing.

Tania Hershman said...

Interesting, isn't it, how everyone is completely different. I can't find a routine to work for me, but I certainly wouldn't call myself more "artistic" because of that. I think true artists are probably highly disciplined. Or maybe... each to her or his own, no? Whatever works... keep doing it!