Thursday, September 30, 2021

Arvon free place!

I've raised funds for 2 bursaries for the Arvon face-to-face week-long Beauty of Brevity writing course I'm tutoring with Niall Campbell for writers who wouldn't otherwise be able to come - writers on low income and/or from marginalised communities. There's one free & one 40%-funded place - email me by Oct 15 to apply, we'd love to have you, please don't think you're not worthy of these bursaries! And please pass this on to anyone you think might benefit.

Here's info about the course:

Monday November 29th - Saturday December 4th 2021

The Hurst

We could spin cliches here – less is more, small is beautiful, short and sweet etc… – but let’s waste no time and cut to the chase, because that’s what we will be doing on this course. Without sacrificing depth, richness, story or meaning, we will examine and probe the tiniest works made of words – whether as prose, poetry or other shapes – and take inspiration from other miniatures across all fields, from the microscopic in science and art to the briefest of films and pieces of music, to create our own. Together we will approach the very small from many different angles, cutting down to it, working up to it, weighing it to feel every word, every pause and punctuation mark, discussing what is needed, what can be let go. Come join us in praise of the petite. No miniaturising – or writing – experience necessary!