Saturday, November 19, 2022

Go On Hybrid Novel Book Launch

 I had the most wonderful time on Thursday evening launching my debut novel, Go On, a hybrid "fictional memoir in collage" published by Broken Sleep Books, in conversation with the wonderful poet Andrew McMillan! My philosophy whenever I do a reading or give a talk is, first, to not be boring, and, second, to be useful in some way - and I wanted to do this even though it was my own book launch - I wanted to pass on permission to other writers to write odd, uncategorizable books! If you'd like to watch the launch, it's now up on YouTube, you can watch it below - and there's more info about the book here:

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Reading & Q&A with NZ writer Frankie McMillan

 I'm so excited about my first event as Arvon's writer-in-residence: hosting an online reading and Q&A on Wed Nov 23 at 7.15pm UK time with brilliant NZ flash writer & poet Frankie McMillan - one of my new favourite writers! Here's the beginning of one of her flash stories, published in Cleaver magazine, to whet your appetite:


Annie Edson Taylor, 1901
by Frankie McMillan


Picture the cold dark inside of the barrel. Annie feeling her way over the padded mattress to a harness hanging from the side. The barrel sways in the water. Picture her fastening herself upright into the harness, pulling the leather strap tight across her chest. Picture Annie flailing about, she can’t find her lucky heart-shaped pillow. Now picture the barrel picking up speed, with the current, heading straight towards the falls.


It’s not as if falling was something new. Early on, I fell from my crib, I fell through haystacks, I fell from grace, I fell behind the church to kiss the bridesmaids, I fell between heaven and hell then into marriage



Read the full story here - book your ticket here See you there!