Thursday, January 08, 2009

Reblock yourself

I needed a good laugh this morning and Polly Frost provided me with a great one! Her piece in The Atlantic is entitled "Reblock Yourself the Polly Frost Way!" and here is what she says:

...There was too much writing. And it was everywhere. It was time for me to help writers everywhere find some balance. That’s when I developed:


(NOTE: Students will not be allowed to text during the three day seminar!)

DAY ONE—9 AM Orientation

“Re-embrace Your Inner Critic.” Using advanced transference techniques, you will pretend to read your work to the most discouraging person you know: the relative who says “Who do you think you are? You’re not funny”; the friend who never got around to reading your short story; the scary professor who always gave your essays a D. You will learn to love them all as they do their best to keep you from typing out another word.


From Alison Caplett, sales force supervisor, Kansas City: “I spent so much of my wedding texting MySpace updates that I can’t remember the event itself, not even my first kiss with my hubby as a married woman! Thanks to Polly’s Reblocking Seminar, I was able to actually get to know my husband. Imagine how much tougher divorcing the dingaling would have been had I not set the constant writing aside!”

Read the rest of the article in The Atlantic Online.

As is often the case with humor, there is much truth in here... for me, at least! Who among us with light Internet addiction couldn't do with a bit of "blocking"?

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