Thursday, March 04, 2010

Happy World Book Day! - buy this book! 100 Stories for Haiti

100 Stories for Haiti AVAILABLE NOW!

I am delighted to be included in 100 Stories for Haiti  - a unique collection of stories bound together by paper and glue and massive amounts of hope. This is no ordinary book. One morning a writer woke up and decided, "I must do something." Hundreds of talented authors worldwide sent him their stories and the result is an anthology that anyone can enjoy.
Proceeds go to helping the victims of the Haiti earthquake. 

So open this book and pick a page. There's nowhere to start and nowhere to finish. If you find one story, one page, one line entertaining: buy it. 
Bridge House Publishing:
Paperback: £11.99 + P&P
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eBook: Reader sets the price!
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100 Stories for Haiti is available in all good bookshops! 

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"Of course, while giving is, according to a recent scientific study, more pleasurable and healthy than receiving, it can become a bit burdensome after a while -- especially if you can't see the real time effects of your gifts. That's where this book comes in. The writers and publishers will do the actual giving, and you just have to buy a really great book which you would, of course, have rushed to buy anyway because of the sheer weight of unrefined awesome contained within its covers."

-- Nick Harkaway, best-selling author, The Gone Away World.

"HOOORAY!!! I can’t wait to buy this. WELL DONE GREG and everyone involved. Thank you Bridge House Publishing. Great news and definitely for a worthy, worthy cause."
-- Old Kitty,

" ... it's a crazy-global roster, from Harkaway to The White Road and Other Stories author Tania Hershman to Botswana writer Lauri Kubuitsile. And unless it’s a totally different Alasdair Stuart, then the host of Pseudopod is on there, too. With so many voices and styles, it should be an interesting read."
-- John Booth /

"... a brilliant idea!"
-- Billy O'Callaghan /

"Really fantastic project! Congratulations to all. Hope it’s a massive success!!"
-- John Peterborough

"Fantastic idea come to fruition. I wish I had known about it earlier – would have loved to contribute"
-- Christine Nedahl

"Sure you can’t make it 101 Stories for Haiti? And include my story? Just want to help, you know :) Good luck with the book."
-- Mala Kumar

"Secondly what a lovely idea this '100 stories for Haiti' is... a great way to raise money and spread a bit of hope."
-- Helen Seymour

"Congratulations on such a massive response. It’s a great thing you’re doing and can’t wait to purchase the end result."
-- Sarah /

"Congratulations to all involved. A massive undertaking, and a shining example of what people can achieve if they work together."
-- Bob Scotney /

"That's incredible, to get it all together so quickly! Will definitely buy it."
-- Niamh Griffin

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