Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flash! Day Two...

I had such a busy day today, was organising an "Artistic Science & Scientific Art" seminar at the University - which went very very well - and so I couldn't listen live to the second day of my flash stories on Radio 4. Probably just as well, I didn't get much done in the two frantic hours before the broadcast yesterday! So I just listened to them now, and it was just wonderful, in a different way from yesterday, 4 stories instead of 6, and perhaps the most odd of all my flashes. I got the loveliest email today from a teacher who asked if she could use that most odd of the flashes in her Theatre Studies class with Sixth Form students - what better response could I ask for? I am dying to know what her class thinks of it!

Anyhow, am too tired now to do the free book giveaway, will give away 2 copies tomorrow, after the third and final program, which I am rushing back from London to hear live. What a week! Days 1 and 2 can be heard online here.

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