Wednesday, July 28, 2010

On the Clock: Contemporary Short Stories About Work

I am delighted that my story Evie and the Arfids is being reprinted in a brand new anthology, On the Clock: Contemporary Short Stories About Work.

When I heard about this call for submissions I knew I had to send in this story, which is in my book and is about a middle-aged divorced woman who decides she needs to do something with her life and starts work at a company doing something nefarious with RFID tags. I am really happy to see Evie getting out and about even further.

Anyhow, On the Clock, which is edited by Jeff Vande Zande and Josh Maday, will be published by Bottom Dog Press in September and I'm thrilled to discover I am in excellent company: Michael Martone, Sean Lovelace, Matt Bell, Bonnie Jo Campbell are just those names I know already. (It seems that Dustin Hoffman is one of the contributors - another talent of his, or another Dustin?). Click here to download a PDF about the anthology with more information and an excerpt. Great cover, isn't it?


dan powell said...

Great story and top news. And that cover is indeed excellent.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting theme. Congratulations. Pete Fromm and Daniel Orozco will also be good company.blessadb

Rachel Fenton said...

Ah - that's a cool story! Well done getting it in the anthology. I like the cover, too.

Tania Hershman said...

Dan, thank you!

Jill, wonderful, can't wait to get my contributor's copy and read their stories!

Rachel, thank you!

Anne said...

Hi Tania,
Just saying hello. I have a story in the collection too, about a charity fundraising team. Can't wait to see the collection in hard copy and to read Evie's story.
Anne Shewring

Spirit Poems said...

As the publisher of this and other titles in our Working Lives Series, I can say that On the Clock is doing well, selling on Amazon, and being considered for college courses. It captures an outlook through some fine and diverse writers. Larry smith

Simon Currell said...

Glad to hear the book is performing so well. As a few of you mentioned liking the front cover artwork, I thought I would share my link (as I created the front cover) so you view other artworks inspired by a similar theme. Enjoy! Simon Currell