Friday, March 11, 2011

Nice short story and flash news

The loveliest news is that I got a reply from Professor John Mullan in response to my email about the Culture Show's 12 New Novelists program - asking whether it might be possible to do it for short story collections (see earlier blog post). He said:
"I do sort of agree with you - at least with the idea that it would be great to do a programme on the contemporary short story. From my point of view, it rather depends on whether the BBC want me to any more such book programmes. If and when they come to me for ideas, the short story is one thing that I'll suggest. I'll let you know if it ever happens."
I think that's very positive - now we just need the BBC to step up. Am awaiting a few more email replies from those who might be able to take it further. Fingers crossed!

And on a more personal note, I just found out that I'm a semifinalist in the Vestal Review Ten Years in Flash Fiction contest and my flash story, Maneouvres, for which I have been trying to find a good home for about 2 years, will be read by the final judge, Steve Almond! There's nothing like the feeling that a writer you greatly admire will be holding your work (or staring at it on screen, of course). Lovely. Winner announced March 31st but this is a great boost, especially for an older story I had almost given up on. Congrats to my fellow semifinalists: Doug Cornett, Tessa Mellas, Greta Schuller, Ronald Jones, Cynthia Litz, Lili Flanders, Bruce Rogers, Tasha Cotter and Madhu Narayan.

Sinus update:

Half face is still slightly swollen but I was recommended Neilmed through Twitter (thank you, you know who you are!) and started using it this morning, things seem to be improving.


Marisa Birns said...

Well, it is encouraging that you've received that first email.

And congrats! I guess it shows one should never give up on stories because the time and place for it to shine will arrive at some point :)

Glad you're feeling better.

Sarah Hilary said...

Very nice encouragement from Beeb chap - score! And congrats on the Vestal listing. Lovely news!

Anonymous said...

Exciting news on both counts -- will keep fingers crossed.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Lovely lovely all round!

Downith said...

Watched the new novelist program and really enjoyed it. Good for you for pushing short stories. Fingers crossed.

Elizabeth Baines said...

Brilliant re John Mullan - well done!

Congrats re flash, and sorry about your sinuses, I did't know - have been a bit out of touch lately.

Lauri said...

Congrats on the shortlist!

Sorry that it's taking so long to get better. It's sounds awful.

Tania Hershman said...

marisa, thank you!

Sarah, yes, definitely a score, I was assuming I wouldn't get a reply.

martha, thanks, to be honest I'm delighted just to have made the shortlist! From being a judge I know that that can be the greatest achievement.

Thanks, V!

Downith, it was great, wasn't it? Can't you just see one about short story collection authors? Would be lovely...

Elizabeth, don't worry at all, it's good to be out of touch with the online world, I just spent 2.5 blissful hours in the newly-Internet-free shed, working on 1 story with no distractions. Amazing. Like meditation.

Lauri, thank you! Sinuses are almost almost fine now.