Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Guest editor for the next issue of the Ilanot Review

I have just been asked to be guest fiction editor for  the next issue of the excellent Ilanot Review, an Israeli journal of creative writing in English that is calling for international submissions which are right up my street. Please do send me something to read! Here are the details: 
The theme of our Spring/Summer 2013 edition is:
Submission period: February 1, 2013 – April 30, 2013
We are looking for hybrid literary texts: flash fiction, prose poems, stories and memoirs in verse, lyrical essays, graphic poems, and mixtures of your own creation. This issue views genre as an affiliation, rather than a fixed point of identification. We are interested in works which, rather than replicate existing literary structures, take features from multiple literary genres and subvert them in order to create a new entity.
The malleable territory of improvisation, self-invention and disjunction of texts that are “neither this nor that,” or rather, “both this and that,” has long been used by writers whose identity cannot be defined by one single category alone. The term “hybridity” describes the dislocation of the subjective “I” in the world of the twenty-first century. Hybrid literature speaks to the increasingly heterogeneous nature of countries and societies. It invites a diversity that celebrates dialogue and exchange across checkpoints, national boundaries, languages and disciplines. We look forward to discovering the way this theme inspires you, and to reading your work.
We welcome submissions of the following:
(but only one submission (for poetry – this means up to six poems) per genre)
  • Poetry − up to six poems –Please submit all work + bio in a single Word file. Submit up to six poems, with one poem per page. Poets: Please include your name and contact information on each page.
  • Fiction – up to 5000 words
  • Creative non-fiction – up to 5000 words
We also welcome translations of original work, providing the translator has obtained permission from the author. Previously unpublished translations preferred. Be sure to include the original poem/story in Word format. 
Please Note:
  • Do include a short bio (50 -75 words) with your submission.
  • We will consider simultaneous submissions provided that you indicate this upon submission and retract your work immediately if it is accepted for publication elsewhere.
We are now using an online submissions manager.
To submit your work, click here: Submit to The Ilanot Review


Vanessa Gebbie said...

Sounds great fun!

Caroline M Davies said...

It does indeed sound fun. I'm awfully tempted by the idea of an online submissions manager... it probably really wants to be a writer doesn't it?

Group 8 said...

Congrats on your guest editorship! Nuala x

E.P. Chiew said...

Does look interesting, Tania. And challenging criteria.