Monday, July 28, 2014

Bare Fiction prizes

So, I am one of the short story judges for this fine slew of prizes from the very fine lit mag Bare Fiction. The fabulous Rachel Trezise and I will be reading your short stories, and the wonderful Adam Horovitz is all over the poetry, while the excellent Angela Readman wants your tiny wordthings. Do check out the guidelines here. Really refreshing to see the same amount of money to be won in all categories - nothing privilieged above everything else due to form or word count. Nice.

And lest you think I spend my time only on the judgemental side of the fence, tis not true, because I'm fortunate enough to have had two poems longlisted for a poetry comp, and they will be included in the competition anthology - regardless of what happens next with shortlists and so on, so yippee! I have said it before, will say it again - longlists are not to be sniffed at. As a judge, I know that it's often the greatest leap from large pile to longlist, and the tiniest of steps from that onwards, so I am delighted! Good luck to everything you bravely send out into the world! I would be delighted to read some of it.


Anonymous said...

I've not seen Bare Fiction before so will head on over there for a look around. Congrats on the longlists!

Dan Purdue said...

This looks like a great competition, Tania, and as you say it's refreshing to see the same prizes for all the categories. The end of October deadline might just give me a chance to come up with a suitable entry or two!

Well done on the long-listings and anthology inclusion, too.

Rachel Fenton said...

Congrats on your listings, Tania - do give the anthology a shout when it's out - looking forward to reading your poems!

In the meantime, wonder if I can rustle up something for this comp - equal prize distribution, yay, but which category to choose...

Tania Hershman said...

Tracy, it's a new mag and a brand new competition - do send something!

Dan, thank you!

Rachel, do rustle up, send to it all!