Monday, November 11, 2019

Who will call me beloved - Radio 4

The day has arrived! The arts documentary that Faith Lawrence and I have made about me being writer-in-residence in a cemetery and contemplating the language of memorials and how I - as a single woman with no children - might want to be remembered, will be broadcast on Radio 4 at 4pm, and will be available online after that:

If you're outside the UK the programme is going out on the World Service on Friday Nov 15th, in their Heart and Soul slot!

I'd love to hear what you think - I've never done anything like this before! The Radio Times has it as a featured selection, in which they call me "something that baffles much of society: the deliberately single woman ", and a review on New Statesman said I sound "unpompous" and "untortured", all of which makes me laugh!


urscelano said...

Tania, I have just looked up your website because I enjoyed your Radio 4 piece so much. It was full of generosity and kindness - and addressed a very important subject with great positivity, sensitivity and humour. You have a very warm and gentle voice - really suited to radio. Well done - Ursula in Dublin

Unknown said...

I have just heard the New Year's Day broadcast of 'Beloved'; it was deeply moving and very thought provoking. It motivated me to look at your website/writings. Many thanks!
Renata Grant