Friday, September 29, 2006

My first launch

Well, I went to my first launch last night, and it was pretty thrilling! My short story, Express, has just been published in Issue 6 of Transmission, a literary mag in Manchester. I've never been to the launch of anything to do with one of my stories... I thought, Why not? Don't I deserve a little love from the literary community? And I graduated from Manchester Uni in the "early nineties" (let's leave it at that) and was dying to see how it had changed.

Boy, has it changed.

But more later, when I've uploaded my pics.

The launch at the Cornerhouse last night was everrything I hoped it would be, at the back of a bar, loads of people milling around, me chatting to the editor (Graham) and the designer (Joe - who actually said "Ooh, let me show you my favourite line in your story"... which no-one's ever said to me before! Ok, so then he couldn't fine it, but it still thrilled me.) The mag looks fabulous, each story was illustrated, and my story is actually the first one the highly-literate and discerning reader comes across - another thrill! I chatted to another contributor, C, and we swapped tips on short stories.

Then I have to admit I wimped out and went back to my hotel at 9.15. Well, I was jet-lagged (yes, a two hour time difference does affect you) and I had had a very hard afternoon shopping. Manchester is the place to shop, let me tell you. I researched the subject thoroughly.

OK, back to the fiction. Wheee, I feel very enthused by it all! Graham and I discussed the literary scene, who their contributors are, how he started the magazine, how he picks stories etc... He's editing Transmission on a voluntary basis. That is true dedication to the short story. I hope that someone rewards him for his trouble at some point soon. Richard Branson - are you reading this? In a world where publishers are interested in the next best-selling novel, because "no-one reads short stories", what would we short story writers do without people like Graham and magazines like Transmission? Keep up the good work!

Am now sitting drinking fresh orange juice at Manchester Picadilly station, also changed beyond all recognition since the "early nineties", with a big TV screen above the platforms reporting a BBC news piece that is warning me of "Lingering Pregnancy Fat Danger". Nice at 8.54am, eh?

Pictures coming soon, when i find the right cable.

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