Wednesday, September 06, 2006

US versus British

I'm in rehearsals for a play. Proof, the one about maths, except that it's not really about maths. As someone who studied maths (or "math" if you're American), the play and the film really pissed me off when I saw them, because I feel that the playwright just shoved a bit of maths in there as a gimmick. Whatever.

Anyhow, a friend persuaded me to audition so here I am and I am thoroughly loving the rehearsal process. But I have to do an American accent. I have to get rid of my Britishness. It's so odd, because when I say the words rolling my rrrrrrs like I was on some daytime soap, it rings so wierdly in my ears. But not just that - I can't think properly. It's almost as if my personality has been taken over. I can't be funny. I'm not saying that Americans aren't funny, because that would be a ridiculous statement. I fell on the floor with laughter during Friends, the first series anyway. Jon Stewart is hysterical. But when I don the accent, I lose my sense of humour. Apparently, when I am funny, my accent is pseudo-American but my intonation is Monty Python. Problem. Not good.

Just an observation. Curtain up mid-November. Will keep you all posted on the personality changes I undergo along the way.

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