Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A little radio silence

This may be the longest break I've ever had between blogs - 7 days. Wow. Just shows how hectic it is to move countries. We are busy packing, selling, giving away, storing... and trying to do everything as normal so the cats don't know what's about to befall them! Right now, one is wailing in her cat carrier, and the second, the one with the most suspicious nature, has disappeared - and we need to take them to the vet! Trying to keep calm. Calm. Calm. I'm sure he'll be back. Even TUNA, the big treat, didn't work. Too clever.

In the meantime, I have nothing writing-related to talk about, except that I haven't been able to concentrate long enough to do much of it. So here are some links:
  • Margaret Atwood is blogging about her upcoming world tour for her new book, Year of the Flood - we will be seeing her in a few weeks. Apparently she is setting off today and traveling from Canada to the UK by boat:
  • "Packing for departure for the UK — Graeme Gibson and I are crossing by boat, thanks to Cunard, and I will preview The Year of the Flood during those days. The first dramatic and musical event is in Edinburgh on August 30 — Orville Stoeber the composer will perform in it. Then comes Manchester — two stars from Coronation Street are in the event! — and then London, Bath, Bristol, Ely, Cardiff, not in that order. All are fundraisers for the RSPB and for BirdLife International — It’s wonderful how people have been helping out. Click The Tour on this website to see all stops — the countries are different colours. Kingston Ontario is poised to go — September 23 at the Writers’ Festival — they have thrown themselves into the spirit, and are even designing recycled newspaper shoes, says Rumour! I will post updated info on the UK tour next."
  • A new literary magazine is always welcome! Check out The Collagist's fiction and poetry.
Ok, must deal with feline-related matters. Wish me luck!


Sarah Hilary said...

Good luck!

Lauri said...

Keep us posted on the status of the cats. Very important that.

Teresa Stenson said...

Aw, good luck. I love cats. Love love love cats. I'm cat-sitting for the jumpiest strangest little cat at the moment. She is called Diablo, and actually, she's warmed to me the past few days, and, today - she - purred for the first time. Almost made me late for work, because I loved the purring too much. When I eventually dragged myself away and left, she came to the window and put her paw up to it! She knows what she's doing.

Ah, cats.

pierre l said...

It is amazing how cats recognise cat-carriers and know what they are for! Good luck with all the packing and moving.

Tania Hershman said...

Thanks all! Teresa, Diablo sounds quite lovely!

So - it went VERY well, much better thank expected. Will write a follow up cat-status blog shortly...