Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quick roundup

We're away overnight, getting away from all the packing up still left to do before moving countries in 13 days, so this is just a quick announcement of some nice news:
  • Two of my flash stories have been accepted for Pedestal Magazine's flash-only issue in August, an older flash and a brand new one, which is lovely - and they pay! I believe there are still two more days left before submissions close, so send yours off.
  • I am thrilled that PANK magazine have nominated my flash story, Missy, which was published in their Jan 2009 issue, for the Best of the Net anthology! You can read the story here (scroll down). Congrats to my fellow nominees: Catherine Zickgraf, Caitlin Johnson, Lauren Wheeler, Brad Johnson, Stephen Mills, Peter Schwartz and my Zoetrope mate Tim Jones-Yelvington. Links to all their pieces on the PANK blog. Link
I've never been nominated for anything like this before, it was a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning. Thanks, PANK!


Elizabeth Bradley said...

I enjoyed "Missy" very much. Thanks for posting your stories. What a treat.

Sarah Hilary said...

Lovely news, Tania! The nomination especially. Happy packing! x

Lauri said...

Gosh Tania I want an email inbox like yours- it must be a delight getting up to that every morning.

I got such a lovely encouraging rejection from Pedestal a few years ago then spent about a year sending stuff I hoped he could use and started receiving form letter rejections and knew I was moving away from the prize. I'm happy you're in, but more than a little bit jealous. :)Maybe if I stand close some of the glitter will fall on me.

Have a nice time away. Moving is a serious schlep. If I move again, I'm just walking away. I'll buy new stuff that side. I mean it this time.

Unknown said...

Tania, just a quick note to say I've nominated your blog as one of the best writing blogs on How Publishing Really Works. Go check out. xx