Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Giving up the day job, winning free books and chocolate

Yes, it may seem as though the title to this blog implies that if you give up your day job, many freebies will come your way, but that's deliberately designed to mislead, just so you'll come and read this post. Sorry! So: just a quick roundup:

I was asked by fellow writer and blogger Michelle Teasdale to talk about what it was like to give up my "day job" and become a full time writer, and I have tried to answer as honestly as possible over at her blog.

Now for the free books:

Tom Vowler's running a competition over at How To Write A Novel:
You have to write the best six-word story. Five words will be regarded as woefully short, seven as a rambling epic. And the prize? A signed copy of Lisa Glass’s debut novel, Prince Rupert’s Teardrop. Deadline Oct 31st.
Visit How To Write A Novel to win.

Canongate has very kindly given The Short Review five copies to give away of Rebecca Miller's short story collection, Personal Velocity. Visit the Competitions & Giveaways page and answer the pretty easy question for the chance to win one.

And the chocolate? Head over to Nicola Morgan's excellent blog, Help! I Need a Publisher, who has much Hotel Chocolat chocolate to give away. What to do?:
Flash fiction. A very short story, up to 100 words, which most gorgeously, elegantly, poignantly, creatively, wittily or movingly (or any combination thereof) includes three ingredients in any proportion or combination: chocolate, fear and the written word. Any genre, any age-range. 

Deadline: midday, British time, on October 21st. That's 21st, NOT 31st... 
If you want some inspiration for what to write and you're in or near London, I happened to know that there are a few spots still available on the workshop prize-winning writer Vicky Grut is running on Sat 17th Oct: "The Paper Clock: Handling Narrative Time". Visit London Writing Workshops for more info.

So, free books, chocolate and a workshop. All we need now is for someone to make the tea. Good luck to all!


Naz said...

Nice blog banner. It's cool not to have to scroll down too much to read.

Tania Hershman said...

Well, actually, seems like the person/company who designed this blog template has gone bust/disappeared, so that lovely photo of Rotterdam vanished too. This is my own pic from the Anam Cara writing retreat in ireland, otherwise known as heaven. Glad it had the side-effect of less down-scrolling!

Lauri said...

Has this blog changed?

I woke this morning with my chocolate story finished. As for 6 words- now that's a toughy but will pull my head around it.

Any chance you got the copy of Words Etc with the article in? Mine was sent 3 weeks ago and has not arrived but you know South Africa -it much prefers being European than African and I thought perhaps yours arrived first. Liesl tells me the article is good but he didn't use any of the flash :(.

Tania Hershman said...

lauri, see my comment above. Small change, Rotterdam vanished.

And no, sadly, no copy of Words Etc, but then Bristol seems to be the epicentre of the postal strike, with things getting worse... Shame he didn't use any of the flash but I am delighted to be featured! Looking forward to seeing it.

6 words is tougher than 100, eh? And a free book versus free chocolate?? Hmmm...

Nicola Morgan said...

Free book versus chocolate, indeed! How can there even be a decision to be made??

As for 6 words, I'm working on it - reckon I'm halfway there. And re the chocolate, as the person setting and judging the competition, I can't enter. Or win. But lovely Hotel Choc are giving me chocolate anyway - for doing nothing. Heaven!

Sarah Hilary said...

Dropping by to say how much I enjoyed reading your Giving up the Day Job guest blog, T. As someone who has just started a day job that is reducing my writing time by about 90%, I tried not to turn green and strop off in a huff. And I succeeded; as you said yourself, less time can mean more writing. I mean to make it so.

HUGE congrats on the double judging roles. By the way, are you going to any of the Redcliffe book launches coming up?

Tania Hershman said...

Sarah, glad you enjoyed the blog. A 90% reduction in writing time is quite radical, eh? But I have faith in you. And do tell more about the Redcliffe book launches, I haven't heard about them.