Thursday, February 25, 2010

The cats are home!

Yesterday, after a long six months, for us and I'm sure for them too, we finally got to spring the cats from prison! A few pictures:

Zac is in cat carrier 

Cleo wondering what's about to happen
Outside the Prison Gates!!

Cleo's first taste of freedom - heading for the kitchen

James frees Zac.

Zac re-establishes his old routine

Zac the Gorgeous (sadly with a cataract in his left eye)

Cleo the Much Fluffier claiming the Guest Room.

They seem fairly confused and stressed out, which isn't surprising, and not that happy to see each other again - which isn't surprising either! We will keep them in for 2 weeks, or attempt to anyway, and then they'll want to wander the neighbourhood. We have had foxes in our garden so I hope there won't be any unpleasant altercations there.

But the main thing is, they're HOME! No more excuses for not writing....:)

PS I was feeling pretty ill still yesterday but really had to be there to see them home... today I am feeling much better. Feline healing? I think so!


Anonymous said...

A mere formality: your blog was posted (it says) at 1:40pm; I read it at 1:18pm. Either my PC has predictive powers or we are in different time-zones.

Nik Perring said...

Wonderful to see this, Tania!

Sue Guiney said...

Fantastic to see the family reunited! Now it's really home, I bet. xo

Lauri said...

Wonderful. Great photos too- I love Zac's expressive face!

Jenzarina said...

Cats are just great. Mind you, you'll be complaining when they are sitting on your keyboard wanting attention.
Have you discovered
Hours of kitty procrastination.

Tania Hershman said...

Anon, thanks, i have finally fixed that! Why are you anon?

Nik and Sue, it's just SO lovely!

Lauri, zac talks all the time, he's a very expressive cat. Shame about the cataract.

Jen, ah yes, they might be doing that soon! And no, haven't seen that site. oh no, procrastination!

catdownunder said...

Miaou! Purr...purr...purr!

annie clarkson said...

oh wow, gosh, I am SO pleased for you all, it must be lovely to have them back, I can't even imagine!

Caroline said...

So happy that you're all together again x

Tania Hershman said...

Cat - prrrecisely!

Annie, it is SO lovely, even if Zac kept us awake half the night jumping on our heads. Hmmm.

Caroline, me too!

Anonymous said...

Tania, give the cats a hug for me. Must be so wonderful to have them around now!

Just got to your LA Review story. OH MY! I love it. So dark and potent and funny. Well done. D

Tania Hershman said...

Thank you David, it's so nice of you to stop by and say that, you made my day!

オテモヤン said...


Julia Bohanna said...

How lovely to have them home. I would be very cautious letting them out - until they acclimatise. I would give it at least a month, if you can. If you want to deter the fox - at least until the cats are settled, you could get James to wee around the garden. It's a natural deterrent.

I miss my pud, even nearly two years after his mysterious escape. But we still have Betty and there is nothing better for a writer than a cat. (Or two)

Lovely. Enjoy.

Tangledally said...

Oh how wonderful for you to have them home again, so lovely to see.

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