Thursday, February 11, 2010

Short Stories Make You Look Posh

I have a rotten cold today which, sadly, meant I had to cancel the already once-postponed (because of snow) reading to Bath Spa Uni Creative Writing undergrads. Not good to read stories if you can't breathe so well, or to sign books if you're nose is unstoppably running. Shame, I was really looking forward to it. But being slightly incapacitated meant I had time to do the Short Review's Short Lit Bits for Jan and Feb. Thanks to Google Alerts for "short stories" and "short story collections", which I trawled through for several hours, I found quite no small number of weird and wonderful goings-on from Short Story Land such as:
Why read short stories? Because, says the Christchurch City Libraries Blog, "They sound posh. Literary, even. 
“What are you reading?” 
“Oh, this? It’s just a little collection of short stories by one of my favourite authors.”
“Ooohh, posh!"...
Read the full blog post on The Short Review blog.


annie clarkson said...

To say you are ill, you seem to have been VERY busy... hope you feel better soon.. Are the cats home yet?

Elizabeth Baines said...

Get better soon!